Saad calling

It is hot day out and and Saad is very tired of doing the class from morning. So Saad decided to call his girlfriend (name not published due to reasons) . His conversation is as follows :

Saad : “Hello control-centre please connect S****”

CS : “Yes sir, Wait a second till connection establishes”

            After few seconds the Conversation starts

Saad : “Hello Jaan How are you?”

S**** : “ Hello Saad, my pyaar how are you? Y didnt you call me for the last 24 hours”

Saad : “Was very busy ……………………………………”


           The conversation continued for hours.

Saad at 2097

Saad Talking to S**** in 2097

 Photo credits– Model – Saad — Photo – Tahmid

Have you got confused with the talk? Wait let me clear this out. The story is of 2097 when there will be device less available. The above story is just a fiction story , but the phenomenon device less telephony is possible…… Read below to know more.

As a student of science, and a science lover, many ideas about science come in my mind. I know, all the ideas are not possible to happen in the world. But it is not true that all ideas are impossible. There are some ideas, that today it seems to be impossible to us, but in future it may be possible. For instance about two hundred years ago mobile phone was impossible thing, but now mobile phone is simple part of our life.

Some days ago a thought came in my mind, the thought about device less telephony. How interesting ‘device less telephony’ will be. The day when no telephone device, like mobile phone or computer, will be needed for contacting each other. In that age after birth of a child, network sensor will be fitted in the body for communicating. And with that internal operation done communication will be possible for whole life.

If we need to contact some one we will just need to think in mind about talking to distant person, and we will be connected to the central network office. The central office will ask to whom the call should be made. We will just say the name of the person and a call will be established in seconds. And we can contact with each easily.

If this actually happens then the life will be easier. There will be no chance to loose our mobile phone. The communication procedure will be faster and easier. The system will be very funny, at least to me.

I will be waiting for the day when this day will come (just kidding).

Thanks all ^SHP(Shahadat Hussain Parvez)

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I am a person with high dream and low availability.

17 thoughts on “Saad calling

    • I can offer some extension …………………..

      1st ,we can use such small a device that is fitted to our ears such as the wireless headphone we use .then no operation will be needed,as you know operations may have side effects!!!

      2nd,when I am called by someone ,i will be notified with a sweet voice(maybe a child…….lol) who is calling me by name .

      3rd,when i want to make a call i will say the name which will be intercepted by a high tech voice synthesizer of a center operating will have a home directory of people of a region(a defined area).then it will via the call to the receiver(whom you have called) .And if he/she (don’t want to make gender discrimination)is out of that region the operator will ask the caller to definite the region by name .then the operator will post the signal to the regional operator to via the call to the receiver .but we should keep in mind that the program must be speedy.

      That’s all ..

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