FreeLance : Introduction To Opportunities

In 21st century the word ‘Freelancing’ has become popular among people who love to work on their own and want to work freely. Freelancers are those who aren’t confined to any companies or business person or definite marketplace. They sell themselves to get jobs from contractors matching with their skills. And this whole fact is known as freelancing job. This article will try to introduce you to the field of opportunities.

Do you dare to be different? Do you have a professional skill which you want to use effectively yet not under pressure? Then build your career as a freelancer. This profession will give you freedom to choose a job as you wish. You can do what you love to do. It’s a perfect opportunity to make the best use of your free time. There is a wide online job marketplace where employers and contractors are working for mutual benefits. Offices, business place, companies around the globe are in need of professional skilled persons who are ready to give service according to requirements. Freelancing platform helps contractors to find appropriate employers within their budget. This platform also provides constant source of part-time to full-time jobs to free workers. You remain your own boss and you work as your wish. Do what you want, when you want even where you want!! Discover the wide range of global chances and make your own world of dream.

Working as a freelancer you can work at home, at office, at park bench or wherever you want. Your supreme asset is your talent. If you’re talented at what you do and there’s a demand of talent on marketplace then you are sure to get jobs. When you are freelancer you can choose to work with professional people and avoid wasting your valuable time.

Time is money. But not always money earns satisfactions. Satisfaction lies in personal assumptions. You would definitely love to work on a project of your interest. Thus you can experience advantages of self-employment. And this is only possible in freelancing job field.

Possibilities of quality work increase when individuals are self-motivated. As you work for yourself you can judge yourself to score your personal performance on professional area. As you are your own boss, you’ll always be looking forward to discovering potential resources to enhance your personal band of experience. So you’ll concentrate to give your best.

Freelancing gives you chances to control your income. If you’re completing your job properly, gaining profits and networks, then simply give yourself a breakthrough. You can raise your rate. As if gift yourself a bonus!!

While continuing your service as a freelancer, you’ll constantly meet with new people of your profession or different ones. Thus you can make a strong network which will provide better opportunities and open new doors for employment.

Working under a real office network may result in boredom. Because you would have to do same type of office works day and night. But as a freelancer you have chances to enrich your knowledge about different creative jobs.

Freelancing offers you to work for foreign companies from home or your suitable place. It’s a golden opportunity to earn remittance for your country and doing so freelancers can play important role in national economy.

Some common freelancing areas are: SEO, Graphics design, Presentation works, Article writing, Online marketing, Web development, Software development and so on. Among popular freelancing job sites ODESK, Elance, Freelancer are mentionable.

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Change is the go of the day. Everything around the globe is changing rapidly so the working system is changing also. It’s time to build self-confidence and find out job opportunities around the world. The world of freelancing is open for everyone. All you need to do is, to be aware of your ability and walk forward. GOOD LUCK.

Author : Nourin Ahmed
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engieering (2011 Batch)
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology


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