Coding… (Cartoon)

So here is the first photo post and also the first Comic in this blog…

This is the condition of our coders.


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Prime numbers….

Programming is sometimes very interesting . One of the interesting program we made  during our class is to find prime numbers in a given range. It is really interesting and the program is also useful sometimes.

In the image below i used the program to find prime from range of 3000 to 7000.



you can find prime numbers of your choice range by downloading the .exe file and opening the file. So try yourself and have fun.

Program courtesy — Tahmid



Education is it only bounded in universities and schools,  it has a more deeper meaning, that we only look but never peek inside it. It’s like a shallow pond with a abyssal depth. By having some degree we can’t get educated we can only be literate. Anyone can start a car , but that doesn’t mean you are a Formula 1 Racer . But students of SUST have infinite potentials, we have a hunger of learning. And as a pair of Newton’s 3rd law, we  repay back, some in educational feedback, some in physical manner.

Minorities don’t represent majorities, some of the A building 1/1 engineering students have taken the physical paths of repaying.

It’s hard for me to imagine, actually not for me but for every engineers that an engineering student will do part time job as a restaurant employee, more appropriately a gardener .

CSE fellows may have written this typdef gardener ;

In their registrar data type, and when they see a restaurant in their neighborhood, a pointer indicates to their default  motto :

Void *ptr;



Eyesight=”restaurant garden”;

Switch (*ptr){

Case “garden” :  gardener mode ;  break;


A great lack of humor , 1 great iconic sir of sust once said never to use this word ,but I am gonna say this in any way SHIT , BULL SHIT . AND congrats to them for their advance internship as Hotel al Amin’s (third class hotel, u class service)  upcoming employee.